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Gain a comprehensive understanding of KateBot and its various components.

Commands & Features

Discover the extensive range of commands and features offered by KateBot. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the various functionalities available to enhance your Discord server experience. From moderation and utility commands to economy systems an...


Commands & Features

All things counter-strike related


Commands & Features

All things economy related

Greetings Feature

Commands & Features

The Greetings feature allows you to send hello messages to users. Commands /hello Command to send a hello message to a user. Usage: /hello [user] user (optional): Mention the user you want to greet. If not provided, the command greets the message author. ...

Blahaj Feature

Commands & Features

The Blahaj feature allows you to interact with the adorable Blahaj shark. Commands /blahaj Command to get a Blahaj image. Usage: /blahaj This command will provide a link to an image of the Blahaj shark. Example /blahaj This will respond with a link to an i...

Utils Feature

Commands & Features

The Utils feature provides various utility commands and functions. Commands /utcnow Command to get the current UTC time. Usage: /utcnow This command will display the current UTC time along with a link to an external UTC clock. It is particularly useful for...

Update Blog Scanner Feature

Commands & Features Counter-Strike

The Update Blog Scanner feature keeps users informed about the latest Counter-Strike updates by delivering notifications in the main #general channel. Purpose The Update Blog Scanner feature automates the process of checking the official CS:GO blog for new pos...

Basic Currency Features

Commands & Features Economy

The Base Currency feature provides various economy commands for managing BlahajCoin currency in the bot. Commands /currency balance Command to check the BlahajCoin balance of a user. Usage: /currency balance [user] user (optional): Mention the user to chec...

XP System Feature

Commands & Features Economy

The XP System feature tracks and rewards user XP levels in the bot. Leveling up grants users BlahajCoin currency. XP Gain Users earn 1 XP for each message they send. Leveling Up Each user starts at level 1 and requires XP equal to their current level multip...

Coinflip Game Feature

Commands & Features Economy

The Coinflip Game feature allows users to participate in a coin flip game where they can bet BlahajCoin currency on the outcome. Command /coinflip Command to play the coin flip game. Usage: /coinflip flip amount flip: Choose the side of the coin to bet on....

Chat Message Responder Feature

Commands & Features Counter-Strike

The Chat Message Responder feature allows the bot to respond to CS:GO in-game chat messages. It uses natural language processing to generate appropriate responses based on the sentiment and language of the input message. Command /cschat Command to respond to a...

CS:GO Match Betting

Commands & Features Counter-Strike

The CS:GO Match Betting feature allows users to bet on professional CS:GO matches using blahajcoin. Users can view match information, place bets on their preferred teams, and check the status of their betting tickets. This wiki page provides an overview of the...

Daily Rewards Feature

Commands & Features Economy

The Daily Rewards feature allows users to claim a reward each day in the form of virtual currency. This encourages regular interaction within the server and rewards users for their consistency. Command /daily Command to claim daily reward. Usage: /daily Ex...