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Daily Rewards Feature

The Daily Rewards feature allows users to claim a reward each day in the form of virtual currency. This encourages regular interaction within the server and rewards users for their consistency.



Command to claim daily reward.

  • Usage: /daily



This will claim the daily reward for the user.

  • Each day, the user claims the reward, the reward amount increases by 10%, up to a maximum limit of 5 coins per day.
  • If a day is missed, the reward amount will decrease by 50% for each day missed but can be built back up through consistent claiming.
  • The reward is added to the user's balance in the form of virtual currency.


Upon using the command, users will receive an embedded message from the bot indicating the amount they've received and their updated balance. They will also be informed about the next day's potential reward (10% increase or 50% decrease depending on the consistency of claims) to motivate them to return.

The goal of this feature is to promote regular activity within the server and reward users for their engagement.

Please note: Reward values and conditions may be subject to changes. Always check the most recent announcements for updates.