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Basic Currency Features

The Base Currency feature provides various economy commands for managing BlahajCoin currency in the bot.


/currency balance

Command to check the BlahajCoin balance of a user.

  • Usage: /currency balance [user]
    • user (optional): Mention the user to check the balance of. If not provided, the command checks the balance of the message author.


/currency balance @username

This will display the BlahajCoin balance of the mentioned user.

/currency pay

Command to send BlahajCoin to another user.

  • Usage: /currency pay recipient amount
    • recipient: Mention the user you want to send BlahajCoin to.
    • amount: The amount of BlahajCoin to send to the recipient.


/currency pay @recipient 50

This will send 50 BlahajCoin units to the mentioned recipient.

/currency leaderboard

Command to view the leaderboard of users with the highest BlahajCoin balances.

  • Usage: /currency leaderboard

This command displays the top users with the highest BlahajCoin balances.